Hi everyone! This is my second blog post, so don't expect it to be super helpful.


Ta da!

Doesn't this remind you of elsa's ice stairs?

Alright... For this project, if you come prepared it might take about three days, if not, like me ( wahh wahh ) it might take a week. NOT IN HUMAN DAYS, OBVIOUSLY!

Supplies: quite a lot of wood, axe to mine wood, stairs (might as well take up a whole day to make these, and make them look good, or else it would all be a waste) which I suggest lapis lazuli, marble, glass, etc or something you think looks better. glass is easiest. Also a lot of glass blocks, the view will be breathtaking for your blockhead, torches, and about two blockheads that are not afraid of heights... Ugh. Not me :(

Ok, so once you picked your starting point, make the wooden base first. Like a snake going upwards. You can do this part by part or all the way. I suggest part by part.

Make it look like ginormous stairs. Then once your satisfied, use the axe to remove the bottoms. Looks ugly? Don't worry, they are only temporary.

This is part one. Please wait for part two.