Trees are structures that naturally occur that consist of a trunk, with many leaves surrounding it All trees make seeds and fruits not all seeds can be eaten like a pine cone . the rest can be eaten. Seeds or fruits can be planted . Trees naturaly spawn new sapings when near death or in adult hood.

Drops (leaves)Edit

The leaves drop Sticks and fruit if there's any on the tree

Drops (trunk)Edit

The trunk drops Wood.

Types of trees


  • A Bear might be in a certain spot on the trunk ( this goes for oak trees only ) usually at the last spot of the trunk. At night, when your Blockhead walks past the Tree with a Bear, theBear climbs down and attacks you, depleting  about 20% of your Blockhead's Health and Happiness.
    • The heatlh and happiness depletion also occurs when your Blockhead attacks the bear.
  • If you chop the last Wood on the trunk, everything will fall to the ground, including all Sticks, bears and Fruit (if there are any), and Wood.
    • If the tree chopped down had a bear, the bear attacks you and goes find another tree to climb up and stay there.
  • When you dig up the Dirt under a tree, the entire tree dies, but all the resources from it are still obtainable even if the dirt wasn't removed from under the tree.
  • it is much more efficient to trim and then cut a tree rather than just cutting it, as you get more sticks. you can make this faster by only trimming the leaves closest to the trunk, as the other leaves along that leaf will automatically fall.
  • Trees will burn if you put a campfire right under a leaf. This can hurt your Blockhead.