There are many tools of different material in The blockheads. They are to help you to get resources or kill foes.


You will spawn with a flint shovel. The stone shovel speeds up the process of getting dirt or sand. With a tin shovel dirt will break in one hit. Gold will have a chance of spawning seeds when you break dirt.

Flint Stone Copper Tin Gold
Digging dirt Faster Faster One hit destroy

Chance to 

get a seed


The Axe is for chopping trees. Be very careful when chopping pine because of bears. 


You need a pick to mine stone and other ores under ground faster. A gold gives you a chance to find a gem in stone.

Flint Stone Copper Iron Gold
Digging stone Faster Faster Faster

Chance to 

get a gem


Spears and Swords are for killing animals.

The Spear will kill Dodos in 2 strikes, bears in 2 strikes, and donkeys in 3.

The Bronze Sword (which is the famed dodo slayer) will kill the bears in 2 strikes. Your blockheads will recieve some health damage if you stab the bears. Keep oranges or other food on hand to boost health after killing bears. It also has an increased durability compared to the flint spear.