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trees are already documented, but are here anyways.

Plants are naturally spawning objects in Blockheads. They can be trees, shrubs, or others. They usually produce food (fruits and veggies), seeds, but can sometimes produce others (pinecones, etc.)

most of them naturally spawn on dirt. Grass and flowers (flowers only grow on compost, not to be confused with sunflowers, tulips, etc.) are also part of the game, but a minor part, so are not included in the following list. However, cacti spawn only on sand . Some plants trigger the spawn of specific animals. see the list.

plants WILL NOT grow without light or enough warmth.

Even though they will only spawn in certain areas, you can still plant them in others, though the growth will be slowed. exceptions are kelp.

list of plants:

  • Apples (tree) trigger dodos and grow in dirt
  • Cacti (tree) trigger scorpions and grow in sand
  • Carrots (shrub) trigger donkeys and grow in dirt.