Where Its Found Edit

Golden Chests are created only on the generation of a new world. They are located on top of a Stone block just under the sand in a beach/ocean and in Cave Troll lairs. In beaches/oceans, they can easily be identified as they look like a darker sand.

Use Edit

They can be put anywhere, carried, relocated and stacked. Golden chests function just as crafted chests do, but are a golden color. In a furnace, it can be smelted into a gold ingot. A common storage use is to store a player's valuables in them.

Items found inside Edit

When spawned, they may contain copper coinsgold coinscopper ingotsiron ingotsgold ingots, and  gems. Gems most commonly appear singly, but have been found in multiples.


A Blockhead in a tunnel under the beach, with 3 golden chests.

Trivia Edit

Added in version 1.3