Diamond gem

Hey it's Diamond! Yes, Its true im a hunter at least :-)

It all Started when I needed to travel very far for food because I had no nearby trees... It started to get annoying to travel so there was some change of plans... I decided to just go around the world to also get 2x the food and drag out no needs and explore the outside world of my house for lots of reasons, actually.   One is to get gems and not to mention rare blocks too.  Anyway, So I did. I found the rarest food. The chili! I also got the ring of fire Chili champ achievement. :-) I've been looking for carrot's every since I've created Gabriella. I only know this stuff cause my friend hooks me up on this kind of stuff. So, I finally found a white fluffy flower with 2 light green stems followed all into 1 whole stem.  This was quite far from home I had to travel. I went back to to my house and crafted a carrot on a stick found a lonely cute donkey in my opinion In a desert. I rode him to the east equator. found a ocean and got bitten by 4 sharks with him. By the way I had a boat. I found the tallest mountain and had to leave him in a cave with a torch and 2 gems :-(. I found a stack of lapis! the end. Lol
That's when my tablet died. 13 % :-(. i left my donkey and it died lol :-)