This Page Is Related To Bugs And Glitches Appearing Currently In the Game.


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  • When harvesting trees, once they are fully grown, if chopped and any part of the tree, reaches an object such as a lantern, it will duplicate the object making it fall to the ground, but the original one still in the original position. -xZero
  • On the Kindle Fire it will not allow to watch a video for extra crystals but will crash your game -xZero
  • Glitches
  • A simple duplicate glitch.
  • When sailing across a long ocean, switch to another Blockhead. The boat will keep going on (zoom out to see) and you can multitask. Don't zoom in on the boat though, as it will stop. -Idontlikeit2
  • When I pressed R.I.P. after a blockhead died. The game crashed and when I restarted it, the blockhead and all his items were gone