Blockhead is the main person of the game controlled by the player. When the player starts a World, the player always operates a blockhead. You can warp in blockheads through a portal using certain fruits and time crystals. The player can only warp up to 5 blockheads. The blockhead can store, craft, and hold on to items.

Mainly when Health, Happiness, Hunger, and Energy is full to 100%, it will show on the menu that the blockhead is happy.

The Blockhead has Health, Happiness, Hunger, Energy:

Health- The player must be aware from falling down from tall heights or geting hurt by an animal which cause health to drop. The player can restore health by eating foods that are eatable. The blockhead can starve and lose health when food is not eaten at certain period of time.

Happiness- Happiness can drop if you have poor health, poor energy, or poor hunger. To prevent the Happiness bar to drop, you must obtain the Sunset Skirt of Happiness will be affected when the player's happiness is adjust to 100%, the bar will never go down and keep the player's happiness balanced. On the blockheads menu it if adjusted to 100% the menu will show: The player (blockhead's name)  is very happy! 

Hunger- Hunger is important too through out the game. The blockhead's health will start to decrease when the blockhead is starving from hunger. To prevent the Hunger bar to decrease, the player must obtain the Sunrise Hat of Fullness. When the hat is put on, if the Hunger bar is adjusted to 100%, the Hunger bar will be full unless if you take off the hat, it will decrease. If you look on the menu,

Energy- Energy is the main point of the player. If the energy bar is full, the blockhead will do things more faster and etc. But when the bar is decreased, the blockhead will walk slower or when crafting something, it's slower. To refill the bar, the player can sleep in bed or on the floor or drink coffee or eat a cherry bean. Health and Happiness may decrease if tired or exhausted.