4 of the Games Achievements in GameCenter.

There are currently 84 achievements in The Blockheads. More will be added.


10 Points Edit


Go to your workbench and click on campfire.Thus doing this you will get your achievement.

Greenfingers: Edit

Sow a seed.

Pyro: (fire) Edit

Burn something. You can do this by creating a campfire if you have not already crafted an ember. Using this ember on a flammable object such as wood will award you the achievement. A exmaple is burning your house down.

A Better sleep: Edit

Sleep in a bed. In your workbench find and create a woodwork bench. In there you can craft a bed. Once you craft and place a bed you can click on it and sleep in bed. You will then receive the reward. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS WHEN YOUR BLOCKHEAD IS SLEEPY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN SLEEP!!!!!!

Diggy diggy hole: Edit

1. Get down to stone level. 2. Mine stone with your pickaxe

and an achievement will pop up.

Find an amethyst: Edit

Find an amethyst

Find a sapphire: Edit

Find a sapphire

Find an emerald: Edit

Find an emerald

Find a ruby: Edit

Find a ruby

Find a diamond: Edit

Find a diamond

/* Brighter light: */ dead

Travel in style: Edit

Ride a donkey. In the workbench create a crafting bench. In that you can create a carrot on a stick. Then find a donkey and click the carrot stick in your inventory. After that, click the donkey and you can ride it. You will then receive the award.

Wind in your sails: Edit

Ride in a boat.

Paparazzi: Edit

Take a photo. You have to craft the camera first.

Clothing: Edit

Craft and wear an item of clothing.


Craft and wear a hat.

North Pole: Edit

Reach North Pole. You will know when you reach a red twisty tube.

South Pole: Edit

Reach South Pole. You will know when you reach a blue twisty tube.

Sunset: Edit

Reach the west equator.

Sunrise: Edit

Reach the east equator.

Bronze age: Edit

Craft bronze.

Iron age: Edit

Craft iron.

Hard as nails: Edit

Craft steel.

Amethyst portal: Edit

Upgrade portal to amethyst

Sapphire portal: Edit

Upgrade portal to sapphire

Emerald portal: Edit

Upgrade portal to emerald

Ruby portal: Edit

Upgrade portal to ruby

Diamond portal: Edit

Upgrade portal to diamond

Circumnavigator: Edit

Get right around the entire world. The easiest way to do this is to get your blockhead some clothes (Fur is probably best) Then pack a lot of food, a spear for dropbears, chests, and some baskets. Doing this will also unlock the "South pole", "North pole", "Sunrise" and "Sunset" achievements

Space climber: Edit

Get to space. Stack and connect ladders one by one, and your Blockhead will can use about 400-500 ladders, but this number can be greatly reduced if completing this on the highest mountain in your Blockhead's world, thus completing the Mountaineer Achievement.

Hot Stuff: Edit

Reach the center of the world. This achievement is easily achievable by finding a cave first. Fill your Blockheads inventory with both Pickaxes and Torches or lanterns. Go into the cave you may or may not have found and dig down. When you begin to get close to the center of the world you will notice the ability to see without torches or lanterns. When you get very close, you will begin to take damage caused by the heat. Being about 10-20 blocks away will unlock the achievement.

Others Edit

10 Points

Amethyst pickaxe

Sapphire pickaxe

Emerald pickaxe

Ruby pickaxe

Diamond pickaxe


Color splash

Palace builder



Ring of fire

Two's company

Three's a crowd

Four's a party

High five


Rich earth

Amethyst chandelier

Sapphire chandelier

Emerald chandelier

Ruby chandelier

Diamond chandelier

5 Points

Conspiracy theory



Treasure hunter


Sleep in style

Life from stone

Top shelf

Home sweet home

Fire and water



Portal chest


Tin man

Blue Fury


Toot Toot

Scenic Ride

Pig Iron

Clean energy

Get Over Here



Step up


Poison arrow